Craig Hinshaw

Clay Portfolio

My clay work is influenced by American Folk Art. I am especially drawn to Early American Weather vanes and their strong silhouette. I only employ docile or passive animals, (a rabbit, never a fox or a cow, never a bull). This allows me to create a tension with the situation I encase or intertwine the animal in. I feel the pieces reflect current issues.

All the pieces have been hand built in my basement studio. Once the glazes are mixed and sprayed onto the pieces they are fired in a high-fire cantenary brick gas kiln which I built behind my house.

My clay work is available to purchase. If you are interested in a piece shown here, contact me for availability.

Selected Exhibitions

2008 48th Greater Michigan Art Exhibition, Midland, Award Winner
Michigan Ceramic Art Association Biennial, Award Winner
Vessels That Pour, Yourist Gallery, Ann Arbor, Award Winner
Objects Inc, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Rochester, MI
Michigan Fine Arts Competition, Birmingham, MI
2007 Greater Michigan Art Exhibition, Midland, MI Award Winner
Fire and Mud, Lansing Art Gallery, Lansing, MI
2006 Celebrate Clay, Lawrence St. Gallery, MI Award Winner
Michigan Ceramics, Anton Art Center, Mt. Clemens, MI
2005 District Arts Gallery, Birmingham, MI
Visions from the Fire, Albion College
Chicken With Eggs
12"(H) x 27"(L)
Duck With 2 Bottles
9"(H) x 17"(L)
Duck With 4 Bottles
12"(H) x 16"(L)
Farm Life Wall Tile
11"(H) x 14"(L)
Glove Rabbit
(2 small stress cracks)
14"(H) x 21"(L)
Large Twisted Cow
12"(H) x 20"(L)
Licking Cow
13"(H) x 21"(L)
Loop Rabbit
9"(H) x 16"(L)
Milk Duck
11"(H) x 17"(L)
Oil Duck
11"(H) x 15"(L)
Pond Life Wall Tile
11"(H) x 13"(L)
Rabbit With Tread
11"(H) x 16"(L)
Sliced Pig
12"(H) x 19"(L)
Small Twisted Cow
10"(H) x 18"(L)

Trophy Pig
26"(H) x 21"(L)

Black and White Pieces

When looking at these pieces there are three things to look for: the figure, the spiral and the idea of function.

The figure is approached through comic influences.

The spiral is a symbol which has attracted artists´┐Ż attention since the beginning of time.

Function is one the great heritages of ceramics.

Large Vessel

Small Vessel
Zigzag Vessel
Black Dot Plate
Plate w/ Perforations
Spiral Plate
Spiral Tubular Vessel
Spring Pot
Step Through Vessel